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This isn't anything crazy, its just an update.
I was wondering who has heard of the movie and book "Heaven is for Real"
I watched the movie with my grandparents Tuesday,
and it was an amazing movie.
it touched me in a way that I honestly cant explain.
my neighbor gave me the book to read
and so far its a great read.
yea its exactly like the movie but the book explains everything with
more detail and gives more information that the movie couldn't capture.
I encourage everyone to watch the movie and read the book.
they are both amazing and ye opening.
if anyone wants to know more about this just comment or message me
and I will be more than happy to help you out.
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Our first time
It was junior year,
English class.
you sat two seats away from me,
we both sat with our own friends.
we were invisible to each other
until later on in the semester.
I will never forget the day we became best friends.
I don't know what I would have done,
if I never met you.
you are so special to me and I hope you know that.
we have been friends for two years now,
I cant believe that we are graduating.
it seems just like yesterday,
that we met.
:iconavalon94:Avalon94 2 3
1. What is your true age?
2.Do you have any health problems?
3.What is one thing you fear?
being by myself
4.What is your full name?
r(why do you need to know??)
5.What is your real gender?
Your Life
1. How would you describe your life right now?
3. What is one thing you can't sleep without?
my ipod and my cat
4. Are you creepy?
5. Do you collect anything weird?
6. Are you emo?
7. Do you ever cut yourself and why?
never. except for when i fall
8. Ever think of suicide?
9. Do you ever cuss and swear?
Sex Life
1, Do you have any fetishes?
2. Have you ever had sex before?
3. Who do you want to eat out?
4. Do you masterbate?
5. How often do you participate in intercourse?
6. Ever had oral?
7. Ever kissed anyone?
other than my family, no
8. What things turn you on?
9. What things turn you off?
it depends on what it is
10. Ever fantasize about your crush?
Friends and Family
1. Do you honestly love your friends/family?
2. Do you
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The Cold Dark Enemy... of Myself
It's a warm, windless day in March, the sun shining through the gaps of the pale white clouds.
There is no time to look back now I have gone too far.
I don't know where I am, but I'm alone.
I pass a clear creek, as I look down I can hear yelling and screaming coming from inside my body.
I can't look up, I don't move and it gets harder to breathe.
I cough and it all slowly fades away. I start to walk again,
and then it starts, as I run it progresses faster.
I cant stop it,
then it takes over my body and I fall.
instantly hitting the grass beneath me, I cant feel anything.
My whole body is num.
I feel something touching me, but I cant open my eyes.
Its sharp nails piercing into my soft skin.
I feel blood starting to run down my arm.
:iconavalon94:Avalon94 0 8
Sitting here alone,
sometimes I wonder if it was worth it.
should I have just told him,
would it have changed.
all I can think about is him but I don't know what to do.
he chose this,
not me.
we were friends and now we barely talk.
when I see him I remember all the fun times we had together.
and I start to miss them.
Everyone told me to stay away from him and I never listened.
to me he wasn't what everyone claimed he was.
I still think to myself,
what if....
was it all for a good reason,
or will I just regret it for the rest of my life.
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